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    Component Maturity Model

    Think you are a programmer, a front-end programmer. You collaborate with the development of a web product. Your workmates are back-end programmers, designers and product owners. So, in an ordinary day, in a casual meeting, in a simple presentation or in a regular chat among team members, you make use of a word, a very simple word. Component.

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    Modelo de Maturidade de Componentes
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    Components beyond reuse

    We are living times where the Model/View/Controller concept is getting more and more obsolete making Component Based approach the new standard to develop web applications now. However, as well as Component Based has become a so popular concept, I still see a lot of developers understanding components in a surprisingly weird way.

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    Componentes além do reuso
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    Webpacking environment variables

    Keeping with the same expectation of maintaining a simple, easy to understand and crystal clear way to manage environment variables in the browser without having to make any trick or write unnecessary code, I show below how to achieve that same result using now Webpack.

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    Handling environment variables in the browser

    Front end projects usually make use of external resources through URLs, API Keys, etc. Those things may change depending on which environment you are running your code. If you are in a development environment, you don’t want to mess your metrics like Mixpanel or Google Analytics, for example.

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    Avoiding traps in event-driven programming

    Every developer knows the importance of keeping the code as much decoupled as possible. Loosely coupling drives your code to smaller responsibilities and, consequently, granular objects which bring us fast understanding and easy maintenance. Sometimes, one of the strategies which can aid you to achieve this is to use events to make those granular objects communicate each other without necessarily know each other.