My name is Rafael.
I am an expert in building UI components.

Principles over technology

I love to use great principles and the best technologies to solve complex UI challenges.

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    Tiago Matias

    Programmer at Stone, former Conta Azul

    Rafael is one of the most creative and productive people I know. Also, the technical quality of what he builds is enviable. He always brings something new in his side projects. He’s a person that practices and reflects a lot about his profession. The results are evident.

  • I worked with Rafael at Jobscore for a few months. In that short period, he made a great impact in the engineering department. From introducing new front-end practices to a whole new approach to reuse UI code. I recommend Rafael to teams looking for professionals well versed with software fundamentals, long practice and high delivery capacity.

  • Building is the way I best learn.

    I am always full of new ideias.
    Building a side project is the way I best learn something new.

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  • Few time. Lots of impact.

    I started programming in 2013, not so long.
    But on this short period, I collaborated in activities that generated a huge impact.

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  • A couple of stories to share.

    Writing is a craft that I'm striving to learn.
    Once in a while, I dedicate some time to share a bit of the experience I'm getting along the way.

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