• logo glorious-demo

    Glorious Demo

    2018Open Source

    The easiest way of creating animations to show your code in action. Glorious Demo is open source, has been featured on sites like Hacker News and Reddit, and got the Product of the Day badge on Product Hunt.

  • logo nashios



    That was the first time I made an API using Node. It integrates with Github and show the people behind some of the products we all love. The webclient was built with Vue. Logo and components designed by me.

  • logo woblast


    2019Open Source

    A small application that fetches currency rates and stock exchange variations, and monitors them in real time. Built with React, HG Brasil Finance API and ChartJS. Logo and components designed by me.

  • logo teleflik



    Android app that helps you finding TV shows that match your interests on the next 24h. I did this to learn how to build a mobile app using Ionic and AngularJS. Logo and components designed by me.

  • logo weather-now

    Weather Now

    2018Open Source

    As a front-end developer at Conta Azul, I collaborated with the hiring process of new developers designing a technincal challenge for them. They should build a responsive small app that fetched weather conditions from Open Weather Map API and auto refreshed them after a couple minutes, using local cache in the meantime. That's my implementation in Vue to the challenge.

  • logo hiphunt



    This is a project in progress that aims to help companies finding excellent JavaScript developers. Landing page built with Vue and pre rendered to get all of its content indexed. Logo and components designed by me.