After working for over seven years as a graphic designer, I started on 2013 my career as a programmer at one of the most popular startups in Brazil where, after almost 6 uninterrupted years, I ended up leading the front-end efforts in the Design System team.

Along this rich period, I got fluent in the latest JavaScript specifications, several front-end technologies and went deep in concepts that have shaped the way I write software. Among these concepts are Clean Code, SOLID, the three laws of TDD and this awesome blog post on Software Craftsmanship written by Robert Martin.

I have great knowledge of bundlers and task runners like Gulp and Webpack. Long experience building Single Page Applications since the old AngularJS until the modern Vue and React. I am very familiar with unit test tools like Karma, Jasmine, and Jest. I’m extremely familiar with a wide range of CSS preprocessors like Sass, Less, PostCSS and, mainly, Stylus.

Topics other than front-end which I have a very well understanding include Continuous Integration tools like Travis and CircleCI. Firebase, Netlify and AWS S3, test coverage tools like Coveralls and Codecov, HTTP and REST. Also, I have a basic understanding on the following back-end technologies: NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Ruby, Rails, Postgres and Docker.