• logo four-day-week

    Four-Day Week


    A collaborative list of companies that already practice or ecourage a four-day work week. Contribute to this project by filling out a Google Form or opening a pull request on Github.

  • Typenik is an English Augmented Dictionary for non-native speakers. It helps you to make sure the words you put on your copy carry the intention you had in your mind.

  • logo taslonic



    Set yourself free from the ordinary work to focus on the extraordinary one. Taslonic makes form creation and data fetching really simple.

  • logo pitsby



    Pitsby is a super simple tool to document UI components in a declarative way. Its main features are Lightning Setup, Wide Support, Playground, Analytics Integration, and Customization.

  • logo glorious-demo

    Glorious Demo


    The easiest way of creating animations to show your code in action. Glorious Demo is open-source, has been featured on sites like Hacker News and Reddit, and got the Product of the Day badge on Product Hunt.

  • logo woblast



    A small application that fetches currency rates and stock exchange variations, and monitors them in real-time. Built with React, HG Brasil Finance API, and ChartJS. Logo and components designed by me.

  • logo weather-now

    Weather Now


    As a front-end developer at Conta Azul, I collaborated with the hiring process designing a technical challenge. The candidates should build a tiny and responsive app that fetched weather conditions from Open Weather Map API and auto refreshed them after a couple minutes, using local cache in the meantime. This is my own implementation for the challenge using VueJS.

  • That was the first time I made an API using Node. It integrates with Github and shows the people behind some of the products we all love. The web-client was built with Vue. Logo and components designed by me.

  • Android app that helps you finding TV shows that match your interests in the next 24h. I did this to learn how to build a mobile app using Ionic and AngularJS. Logo and components designed by me.