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Glorious Codes

Aug.2018 - Present


Glorious Codes is a Github organization where I publish all the open source code that I have been creating on the latest years.

I am very proud of having offered to the JavaScript community a few open source libraries. I specially highlight Glorious Demo that, beyond to be tweeted by Zeno Rocha, CSS Tricks and まさとらん, got dozens of upvotes on Hacker News and Reddit, and has been featured as Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

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Nov.2019 - Present

Curitiba, Brazil

The Company

Bcredi is one of the most popular Fintechs in Brazil offering home equity loans with the best market rates. The amount of money borrowed during its short life surpasses US$ 100 Million, helping thousands of companies and people.

My Role

Maintaining and improving internal products through technologies like React, Redux, Jest and a couple of others more.

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Conta Azul

Mar.2017 - Sep.2019

Joinville, Brazil

The Company

Created in 2012, Conta Azul is a SaaS that aims to help small companies to run their business in Brazil. Conta Azul allows business owners issue invoices, control their finances, manage customers, receive payments and get great reports about their business. Conta Azul is used in all regions of Brazil and serves dozens of thousands of customers.

My Role

Among a lot of features developed in almost 5 years at Conta Azul, I contributed with a few projects that I am very proud of. In 2017, I had the opportunity to contribute to a company’s internal product as the only front-end in the team, being 100% responsible for designing all the web app's views too and, even more important, put into practice the first fully component-based UI project made in the company.

A little more than one year after starting that project, I began to disseminate the component-based architecture inside the company, at guilds and front-end discussions, and outside the company, writing an article entitled Components beyond reuse published in portuguese on Tableless and in english on Hackernoon.

By the end of 2018, the company finally decided to replace the MVC approach in favor of a component-based approach on its main product. That was the moment which components became first-class citizens in every tech discussion. A dedicated team was created to handle our internal component library putting together the most experienced front-end developers and UX designers.

Focusing on high-quality - clean code and automated tests - and productivity, our components have saved hours of programming time and has contributed to increase the consistency of user experience along the application.

Beyond delivering great results to the product and to the company, I have created our own documentation tool. We struggled to have a unified documentation containing our legacy - AngularJS - and modern - VueJS components. Pitsby solved our problem once and for all. It’s open source and has even helped to improve the experience of developing new components as well as increasing the component library adoption by product teams.

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logo jobscore


Aug.2015 - Oct.2016Remotely

San Francisco, USA

The Company

JobScore is an applicant tracking system that gives in-house recruiters what they need to get the job done. Hosted careers page, one-click job posting, referral campaigns, resume parsing scoring and reports.

My Role

In a brief period at Jobscore I had the opportunity to collaborate to the website’s redesign project and its later improvements. Also, I introduced the AMD concept to the JavaScript code making it modular, reusable and, more important, fully testable. Jobscore was also the place where I first touched Ruby on Rails.

logo conta-azul

Conta Azul

Jul.2013 - Aug.2015

Joinville, Brazil

My Role

That was the moment I started my career as a programmer. Some of the activities I did include the "translation" of CSS stylesheets to LESS stylesheets intending to apply themes to the product through a set of variables besides daily contributions on the implementation of new features.

I was responsible for creating the first company's style guide intending to reduce the amount of CSS code written. In 2014 I helped to build the first reusable components (at that time AngularJS forced us to call them "directives") written with AngularJS and fully covering them with unit tests.

During all that period I touched several front end technologies including RequireJS (a library that implements the AMD pattern), Grunt, AngularJS, Karma and Jasmine.

Graphic Design

Mar.2006 - Jul.2013

From 2006 to 2013 I worked for a couple of advertising agencies. A few of the works that I did can still be seen on my Behance profile. I have been doing graphic design for a few hobby projects too. The latest works can be seen on my Dribbble profile.