Once in a while, I get asked what has influenced me most. I used to answer it individually by email, direct messages, and occasional chats. But my memory is a hard disk always requiring more space, so I ended up forgetting something. Then, I decided to put all the great things that have shaped the way I see the world in the following list. May these references surprise you as much as they have surprised me.

  • The Manual: A philosopher’s guide to life


  • Sobre a brevidade da vida


  • Hell Yeah or No

    Derek Sivers

  • Virando a própria mesa

    Ricardo Semler

  • Rework

    Jason Fried & David Hansson

  • Getting Real

    Jason Fried & David Hansson

  • Clean code

    Robert Martin

  • Test-Driven Development by Example

    Kent Back

  • Shape up

    Ryan Singer

  • Pedagogia do oprimido

    Paulo Freire

  • Bauhaus 1919-1933

    Magdalena Droste